The Invisible War is a documentary highlighting the epidemic of sexual assault and rape in the military. It is already having a tremendous impact. Two days after viewing it, Defense Department Secretary Leon Panetta ordered a change in rape/sexual assault reporting regulations. The film is being shown in limited theaters across the country. Let the producers know you’d like it in your city by clicking here and filling in information to request a showing near you.

Sandusky Verdict: A Survivor’s Thoughts

A little over a week ago I was cooking dinner and having a conversation with my husband when his iPad’s news alert went off, saying, “Jury reaches a verdict in Sandusky trial!” After realizing the verdict hadn’t actually been announced, we turned on CNN and stood waiting, breathless. (Keep Reading

Debating Sentencing for Child Porn? Really?

I ran across a USA Today article about how people who are in possession of child pornography are being handed harsher sentences than people who sexually abuse/rape children. Being debated is whether or not the punishments are too severe. Here’s a bit from the article: Keep Reading


Although the Senate passed the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization, House Republicans are quietly pushing through their own version that strips out protection for women on college campuses, women who are undocumented, members of the LGBT community, and Native American women. What they are proposing will be deadly for some of these women (and GBT men).

Click here to read a list of changes being made.