Born to Fly


Blossom dreamed other dreams, too – not the kind of dreams that are inside your head but the kind inside your heart, as if something very deep down inside you is trying to come out and tell you who you were born to be. As if there is a place hiding in your heart where all the secrets of you are kept.(Click here to learn about Blossom's journey!)

Blossom is a young caterpillar with big dreams. Unfortunately, she lives in a grey, colorless world where nearly everyone has forgotten how to dream. Those who dare to are discouraged, and the few who attempt to pursue their dreams are easily sidetracked, falling prey to the Dream Thieves. In Diana Scimone’s beautifully written children’s book, Born to Fly, readers will follow Blossom as she ventures out into the High Hills to see the last remaining Moonbeam Tree during a full moon. Blossom’s journey is as much about self-discovery as it is about holding onto – and achieving – her dream.

…Not many are willing to stay here. But for those who dwell in the secret place – not just visit but dwell here – there are treasures untold.

Born to Fly is intended to foster children’s belief in themselves. What sets it head and shoulders above other books with the same purpose, however, is that it delivers the message without glossing over the work involved. Blossom learns on her quest that her experience is unique to her, and that no one can live it for her. What one individual needs to achieve his or her dreams may not be the same as what Blossom needs, and that’s perfectly okay. Gently guided by the Silver Breeze, she finds that sometimes the not-so-nice things that others throw her way can get lodged in her heart. Ridding herself of the awful things can be difficult, even painful. Yet it is necessary for change and growth. The Silver Breeze reminds Blossom that these things take time, but are very much worth the wait. Most importantly, she learns to never, ever give up on herself or her dream. It is a very powerful message wrapped in a beautiful metaphor.

As a former elementary school teacher (grades two and four), I recommend this book for read alouds. I also suggest Born to Fly for community-building, since it offers opportunities to talk about not only believing in oneself, but also respect for others’ goals. Just shy of one hundred pages, its short chapters are divided in a way that leaves plenty of extra time for discussions and/or a question/answer period. Diana has also created a website (link at end of article) where she provides free downloadable activities for kids, including coloring pages, activities, and journal prompts. For parents and teachers, there is a chapter-by-chapter reading guide and curriculum that includes a summary and a set of questions for discussion. Students are also invited to write a letter to Blossom telling them about their dreams.

Diana Scimone is a journalist and author. One of her greatest passions is her proactive role in preventing child sex trafficking. She created a wordless book with a companion curriculum to promote awareness to prevent children from being lured or sold into the sex trafficking industry. It is currently being tested in markets worldwide, with multimedia awareness materials in production to be distributed to schools and community centers around the world. Through her work, Diana learned that “Wherever kids receive awareness training, the rate of child sex trafficking plummets.” All proceeds from Born to Fly will go to Born2Fly Project for prevention of child sex trafficking.

“But how could I ever…?” the old caterpillar couldn’t even put words to what was in his heart.
“It’s such a big dream and I’m so old.”

“Most dreams are too small,” replied Blossom. “If your heart is big,
you’ll always dream big dreams…”

“I like to say it’s a novel for children–and adults who can still think like children.” That’s how Diana describes Born to Fly on her website. She’s right – mostly. It is also for adults who never learned to dream or had their own Dream Thieves and need to be reminded that it’s never too late to discover their greatest wishes and follow their hearts’ desires.

For less than $10 US, you can support efforts to prevent child sex trafficking. Join Blossom on her journey to bring hopes and dreams and color back into her world in Twig Valley by downloading her story at any of the following:

For more information on Born to Fly, Born2Fly Project, and Diana Scimone, please visit the following websites:

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