National Women’s History Month

A couple of weeks ago I was under the weather and sent my husband alone to attend an evening class we signed up to take together at our church. There is a dinner during the hour preceding the different classes offered, and we all dine with eight or so other “classmates”. There is never a shortage of passionate discussions, and the night my husband went alone was no exception.

The subject that came up at his table centered on women serving in the military and whether or not they should be allowed to go into combat. The adults were all in agreement that women who are willing, able, and qualified should be able to serve our country in any way they want.

One of those diners was a fourteen-year-old girl. Her mother turned to her and asked what she thought of women serving on the front lines in the military. Between bites, the ninth-grader casually responded, “Just because we have different parts doesn’t mean we can’t do the same things as men or that we can’t do them just as well.” Brilliant words from a brilliant girl who, by the way, is taking a full load of AP classes and fully intends to become a physicist. There’s no doubt in my mind that’s exactly what she’ll do.

This year’s theme for National Women’s History Month is “Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment”. Think of someone who fostered your love of education or gave you a sense of empowerment. If possible, thank him or her. Offer a prayer of gratitude or send some positive thoughts in his or her direction. Then find someone to mentor and encourage. Keep it moving beyond March!

2 responses to “National Women’s History Month

  1. I used to say that women should have to sign up for the draft just like men, but that was before I had 3 daughters. Now I still say it, just not as loudly or as often. It’s sexist of me, but these are my little girls I’m talking about.

  2. Aw, Jonathan… I don’t think it’s sexist for a daddy to not want any harm to come to his daughters. I also know that if any one of them enlisted you’d do everything you could to support them! My hope is that by the time baby Faith is old enough there won’t be a need for combat soldiers. Then again, I guess we could go ask “SkyNet” how that all worked out… lol

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