Not in My Backyard

Not in My Backyard
by Miss Edee
Sept., 2011 

Only thirteen,
Sent to market.
Head, body, barely-there femininity covered,
The mark of femaleness.
Grown and strong,
Made powerless, weak;
Small and terrified,
She made them do it.
Bang of gavel,
Monsters released back to the streets.
Thwack of stones,
Innocence released back to her maker.
No justice,
The world cries out.

Sold at eight
With the promise of freedom;
Faceless picture of a torso in windows,
Clothed only with a price.
Tourists on business
Choose from a menu –
Want fries with that?
Twenty-three now and washed up:
Sick, self-medicated, too old,
A society that condones
Now a society that condemns.
An ocean away,
The business tourists sleep soundly.
No justice,
The world cries out.

Held down by aunts
On an ancient continent.
Rusty blade, dusty floor
Desire crudely cut
Suffering crudely sown
No matter – he is bewitched anyway
Child gives birth, body gives out
Stench from a fistula is shunned,
The seductress sent out, enchantress expelled
Bad luck driven away.
No justice,
The world cries out.

Preyed on in secret,
Never to be believed.
Not his character, not raised that way: pious preacher, nice neighbor.
Too sweet, mother, grandmother: women don’t do that.
Not in our country, not in our family.
Too young to remember
Too naïve drunk slutty stupid
Must have wanted it, invited it, should have known better.
The twelve never know the monster’s past,
That is not allowed.
Burden of proof means character assassination,
That is allowed.
Bang of gavel,
Monsters released back to streets, chests out, walking tall.
Thwack of realization,
Innocents crawl home, eyes down, heads hanging.
No justice,
The world sleeps.


Below are websites for more information on the crimes this poem is referring to. There are TONS of resources, especially for the overseas issues.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of/is a survivor of a sex crime of any kind, please, please, GET HELP!! Do NOT hesitate to call 911!! At the bottom is a list of resources for victims/survivors, as well as a website devoted to putting an end to sexual assault, rape, incest, and sexual abuse.


Stop Honor Killings:

Honor Killings FAQ
Stop Honor Killings (Facebook Page)

Stop Human Sex Trafficking:

Human Trafficking
Born2Fly/Butterfly Project (Article)

Butterfly Project on Facebook

Stop Female Genital Mutilation:

World Health Organization FGM Fact Sheet
FGC Education and Networking Project

Obstetric Fistula Information:

Nile River Basin: On Fistula
New York Times Article – Nightmare for African Women
 Inside the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital (
Girls, Not Brides 

Support Resources for Rape, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Incest Survivors:

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
 Stop it Now!
 National Sexual Violence Resource Center

4 responses to “Not in My Backyard

  1. Sad, very sad. Women have come far since the “good ole days,” but just not far enough. Amazing that you posted this tonight when I just got back from the Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence’s annual Masquerade gala to raise money and awareness.

  2. A lot of thought,a lot of anguish and a lot of hope for others. You have been looking for an outlet, a way to help others. You have gained more strength every day and seem to be looking to use that strength to help others. You have long realized that we live in a world that can be cruel and a world that can be kind. You have chosen the right path, and with God’s help, even if you only help one innocent soul, you will be successful. Keep up your strength and determination. When I was young and we got our first T.V. only three stations were available, so you just watched what was on. One program every Sunday was Oral Roberts. (He started off in a tent) He would always start his program with “Something good is going to happen tocay” Many good things happen each day. ONE OF THEM IS YOU!!I love you very much—-Yo-Pappy

  3. Wow…….thank you so much. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning to read something so near and dear to ur own heart and know that not only is it also on someone’s else’s but that that person is your own family. I love you so much Edee. Thank you.

  4. So profound. So gut-wrenching. So painful to have been one of the blind, not able to save. I’m here now.

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